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WORD FOR JUNE 25th, 2016
(I received this word as I was just praying and waiting on the Lord - just click on the link above to open and read the pdf file.)

This year, in two separate locations, I heard (in the spirit) like a tornado siren going off and some people were running to a safe place while others were just standing by and ignoring the sirens that were going off. I believe this is the current state of the church. God has been trying to get our attention, but many, in the church, are totally ignoring the warning signals from God. Yes, bad times are coming, but He is our shelter in the midst of every storm. It's way past time for the church to awaken and be about the Father's business. We really don't want to miss what God is about to do.

WORD FOR 2014:
I personally believe that 2014 will be a year of many stepping into what God has called them to do. There will be a greater release of His Presence in the lives of those who draw closer to Him. There is a sense of "drawing nigh to God" in this season. If we respond to this drawing, we will see the fruit of it. Many want to do exploits for God, but refuse to draw nigh unto Him. There is a price to pay. We must choose to deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily. While many are choosing to compromise, the Lord is calling us to a place of no compromise. We cannot compromise the Word of God and expect a true harvest of souls. Many are living on the edge....so to speak...seeing how far they can push the envelope with God in a negative, compromising way. This is not the life that God has called us to live. Our God is holy. We should live accordingly. The HOLY SPIRIT within each believer will enable us to live our lives pleasing to the Lord. It's not legalism. It's understanding who God really is and what He really intended for us in this life. Authority comes through relationship. The church lacks authority today because our relationship with the Lord is very shallow. If we want to see God move, we must have a true relationship with the Lord. The deeper the relationship, the greater the authority. My prayer for all of us is that we will fall in love with Jesus all over again. That a fresh zeal and fragrance will be released in and through our lives. I pray that our very lives will make people want to know Jesus in a personal way. May the Kingdom of God be enlarged in 2014 and may each one of us find our place so that we can do our part in this wonderful adventure of serving our King.

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